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Landscaping services are a must-have for home and business owners who want their outdoor spaces to look lush and healthy. Without professional help, it can be challenging to achieve the pristine property that you see in magazines and dream of having for your own backyard or commercial garden.

Depending on the landscape design service, homeowners may be asked to provide feedback and request anywhere from 1 to unlimited revisions before the final plans are delivered. These designs can be provided in a PDF format that can be passed on to a landscape contractor, or they may have 3D renderings and detailed plans, including plant lists. Many companies also offer a selection of recommended products that can be purchased through them to bring the plan to life. In this way, they make it easier than ever for a homeowner to take their dream from paper to reality.

A landscaper’s job is a mix of plant work and hardscape construction, which includes the use of stone, wood, brick or concrete to create outdoor living areas on commercial and residential properties. They work in gardens, lawns, water features, tree removal and planting as well as retaining walls, walkways, patios, paths, driveways and fences. They also care for plants by watering, fertilizing and mulching them to promote healthy growth and maintain their appearance.

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In addition to increasing your curb appeal, a well-maintained landscape can also provide health benefits for you and your family. For example, the trees and bushes in your yard can act as a natural filter for your water supply, preventing bacteria and other contaminants from entering your home. Furthermore, a healthy yard can help to reduce your stress levels by providing you with a place to relax and unwind.

Landscaping services can include trimming bushes and trees, pruning shrubs, removing dead limbs and re-seeding areas of the yard. These types of services can help keep your commercial property looking its best.

Adding mulch to flower beds moderates soil temperature, reduces weed growth, helps retain moisture in the ground and provides nutrients to the plants as it breaks down. They also trim bushes, trees and shrubs for safety, health and aesthetic reasons. This is done to improve curb appeal and to protect the integrity of a property.

Commercial Landscape Services

Commercial Landscape Services

Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your entire landscape or simply want to refresh some areas, your design should reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Some people are drawn to a perfectly balanced blend of hardscape (patios) and softscape, while others might desire to recreate a certain garden style they find appealing. It is important to communicate these goals clearly to the landscape design professional you choose.

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Landscaping services focus on enhancing the function and beauty of outdoor spaces. They include both garden and pond maintenance and the planting of new vegetation, such as trees and shrubs. These landscape professionals have the expertise to select the best plant species for a given environment and know how to combine them into a pleasing design. They also have the skills to trim bushes and flowers and to weed and mulch properly.

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A professionally designed landscape is more than just a way to make your home look pretty. It also increases your property value and shows pride in ownership to neighbors and passersby. In addition, a well-maintained landscape can free up time for you to spend on your hobbies or with family and friends.

When it comes to a residential garden or lawn, the right landscaper can make all the difference in ensuring that your yard looks great and thrives. A professional landscaper will understand the local climate and soil conditions, and be able to recommend the best plants for your area. They will also know how to properly care for your plants once they have been planted.

Landscaping Services

Landscape Designers

All repair, maintenance and installation services to real property are taxable unless the customer gives the landscaper a properly completed exemption document (see Tax Bulletin Contractors—Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services to Real Property (TB-ST-368)). However, landscaping work that is qualified as a capital improvement should not be charged sales tax. According to the IRS, a capital improvement is an enhancement that substantially increases the value or appreciably prolongs the useful life of a property. See Tax Bulletin Capital Improvements (TB-ST-104) for more information.

Landscape installation is the creative process of transforming an outdoor space into an eye-pleasing, functional, living extension of a home or business. There are a variety of factors that influence which landscaping services might be needed, including the existing design of a garden or lawn, its function, and the homeowner’s vision for the space.

In addition to aesthetics, a well-maintained landscape can also add value to your home. In fact, studies have shown that high-quality landscaping increases a home’s value by up to 20 percent.

Landscape Designers
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A professional landscape designer is licensed by your state to work within their discipline, and they should have a minimum of a certificate or bachelor’s degree in the field of design. They can be independent or employed by landscaping contractors. Choosing the right one is essential, because this is a collaborative process and you want to be sure that you click with your landscape design professional.

While some landscaping companies specialize in just maintenance, others may offer design services as well. For example, they can help you create a garden that flourishes with plants that thrive in your climate and soil conditions. They can also add features such as a pool, fountain or pond to enhance the beauty of your yard.


Landscaping Services

Outdoor Living Spaces Design
Outdoor Living Spaces Design

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Depending on the scope of the project, the price will vary. Basic lawn care tasks like mowing, aeration and weed removal are usually charged by the hour. Larger projects, such as removing a tree or installing sod, will be priced based on square footage. Some landscaping companies offer a fixed price for the entire job, which is often less than if you were to pay for each service individually.

A good landscaping company will be able to work with a client on the design of an outdoor space and create a plan that incorporates the best of their ideas and the property’s natural features. They should also be able to provide insight into how the changes they are making will impact the space in both form and function.